Notes / Town and Country Planning

Town and Country Planning

  • Access to the Countryside
  • Acquisition of Land: Purchase Notices and Blight Notices
  • Building Control
  • Caravan Sites
  • Compensation
  • Control of Advertisements
  • Crown Development and Development by Local Authorities and Statutory Undertakers
  • Cycle Tracks: England and Wales
  • Development, Spatial and Regional Plans
  • Electricity Generation and Supply: Consents for Applications and Preservation of Amenity
  • Hazardous Substances
  • Highways and Roads: Creation and Maintenance
  • New Toll Roads
  • New Towns
  • Permitted Development
  • Planning Authorities
  • Planning Control
  • Planning Enforcement and Appeals
  • Preservation of Trees, Woodlands and Hedgerows
  • Private Roads: Scotland
  • Private Streets : England and Wales
  • Protection and Preservation of Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas
  • Protection and Preservation of Buildings of Architectural or Historic Interest: Conservation Areas
  • Protection of the Countryside
  • Urban Regeneration


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