Notes / Housing


  • Abatement of Overcrowding
  • Area Improvement
  • Assured Tenancies
  • Central and Local Administration
  • Clearance Areas (England and Wales)
  • Common Lodging Houses
  • Conversion and Renovation: Tax Concessions
  • Disposal of Land Held by Local Authorities for Housing Purposes
  • Energy Performance Certificates and Provision of Information on House Sales
  • Enforcement of Housing Standards
  • Flats: Appointment of Managers and Compulsory Acquisition by Tenants
  • Flats: Tenants’ Right of First Refusal
  • Help Towards Home Ownership
  • Homeless Persons
  • Houses in Multiple Occupation
  • Housing Action Trusts
  • Improvement, Repair and Conversion Grants: Scotland
  • Improvement, Repair, and Renovation Grants: England and Wales
  • Landlords, Tenants and Residential Occupiers: Miscellaneous Provisions
  • Landlords’ Statutory Obligations for Repairs
  • Leasehold Enfranchisement
  • Local Authority Services to House Owners for Carrying Out Relevant Works
  • Long Residential Tenancies and Business Tenancies
  • Mobile Homes and Caravan Sites: Protection of Residential Occupiers
  • Protection of Home Owners
  • Public Sector Housing: Provision, Management, Information, and Allocation
  • Regulation of Landlords
  • Regulation of Rents and Tenancies (Scotland)
  • Rehousing of Persons Displaced from their Homes by Public Development or Compulsory Improvement
  • Rent (Agriculture) Act 1976
  • Rent Act 1977
  • Scottish Secure Tenancies
  • Secure Tenancies: England and Wales
  • Service Charges and Administration Charges
  • Slum Clearance: Compensation
  • Slum Clearance: Listed Buildings
  • Social Housing
  • Tenants’ Improvements
  • The Scottish Community Right to Buy
  • Variation of Long Leases (England and Wales)


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