Notes / Health and Welfare

Health and Welfare

  • Abortion
  • Community Care and Welfare Services
  • Female Circumcision
  • Healthy Start Scheme
  • Human Fertilisation and Embryology
  • Human Organ Transplants
  • Lasting, Continuing and Welfare Powers of Attorney
  • Local Authority Provision of Residential Accommodation for the Elderly, Disabled, and Mentally Disabled: Wales and Scotland
  • Medical Certificates, Doctors’ Statements, and Self-Certification
  • Medical Treatment Abroad and Overseas Travel Precautions
  • Mental Health
  • National Health Service: Assistance with Charges and Travelling Expenses
  • National Health Service: Current Charges for Services
  • National Health Service: Dental Services
  • National Health Service: Family Doctors and Prescriptions, etc
  • National Health Service: Family Planning
  • National Health Service: Hospital and Specialist Services
  • National Health Service: Maternity Services
  • National Health Service: Ophthalmic Services
  • National Health Service: Organisation and Functions
  • Personal Social and Welfare Services: Organisation and Functions
  • Personal Transport for the Severely Disabled
  • Prohibition and Control of Smoking
  • Regulation and Provision of Health, Care and Support: England
  • Regulation of Health and Social Care: Scotland
  • Regulation of Health and Social Care: Wales
  • Resettlement Places for Persons Without a Settled Way of Life
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Prevention and Treatment


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