Notes / Family


  • Administration
  • Adoption – England and Wales
  • Adoption – Scotland
  • Age of Majority and Legal Capacity
  • Aliment
  • Broken Engagements: Property
  • Care and Supervision of Children
  • Child Abduction and Custody
  • Child Minding and Day Care for Young Children
  • Child Support Maintenance: Calculation, Collection, and Enforcement
  • Children: Miscellaneous Provisions
  • Children’s Commissioners
  • Children’s Homes and Private Fostering (England and Wales)
  • Civil Partnership
  • Divorce and Nullity of Marriage (England and Wales)
  • Divorce and Nullity of Marriage or Civil Partnership (Scotland)
  • Divorce, Dissolution and Nullity of Marriage of Civil Partnership: Financial Provision (England and Wales)
  • Divorces, Annulments, and Legal Separations: Recognition
  • Domestic Violence and Occupancy of Family Homes
  • Family Homes: England and Wales
  • Family Homes: Scotland
  • Family Property: Miscellaneous Provisions
  • Foster Children (Scotland)
  • Fostering of Children by Local Authorities (Scotland)
  • Inheritance: Family Provision: England and Wales
  • Inheritance in the Absence of a Will: England and Wales
  • Jurisdiction, Recognition, and Reciprocal Enforcement of Part I Orders under the Family Law Act 1986
  • Law Reform (Husband and Wife) Act 1962
  • Legitimacy and Legitimation
  • Local Authority Support for Children and Families
  • Maintenance Orders: Jurisdiction and Enforcement in the UK
  • Maintenance Orders: Enforcement Outside the UK
  • Marriage Procedure: England and Wales
  • Marriage Procedure: Scotland
  • Orders with Respect to Children in Family Proceedings
  • Parental Rights and Responsibility for Children: Parents and Guardians
  • Polygamous Marriages
  • Protection of Children and Young Persons
  • Protection of Children at Risk
  • Residential Establishments for Children and Young Persons (Scotland)
  • Separation
  • Succession (Scotland)
  • Surrogacy Arrangements
  • Wards of Court


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